Jonquil - Compound

An Animal Collective/ Foals go-between, the art-rock ensemble Jonquil was once a flushed-out bedroom project of English multi-instrumentalist/ songwriter Hugo Manuel.  Now, with a little over five years since their inception, Jonquil with three full releases (Sunny Casinos in 2006, Lions in 2008 and One Hundred Suns in 2010)  continues to create beautifully orchestrated folk experiments shouldered by Manuel’s ample falsetto. 

Featuring the track “I Know I Don’t Know” from One Hundred Suns in our 7th Mixtape (Download: Here), Jonquil earns another honorable mention for their incendiary EP.  “Compound” coincidentally enough precedes “I Know …” on the record and juxtaposes for it’s dreamy lyricism and doodled guitar strumming.  It soars upon a lingering feeling that I can’t quite finger. But, perhaps some things need not words to explain.  Just listen.

… I wanna hear only you …

Download: Jonquil - Compound.mp3

Download: Jonquil - I Know I Don’t Know.mp3

- ramos

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