Will Croucher - The One That Got Away

Utilizing a shoegaze/ noisepop sound that is undeniably reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and the Shocking Pinks, this audiophiled insomniac can’t help but cream buckets over this multi-instrumentalist.

Under the Orlando-based indie label Glowmobile Recording Company, Will Croucher writes heartfelt ballads wrapped in variant layers of distortion, electric guitar, and percussion wherein the end result is aurally glorious.  From his 5 track EP I’d Rather Be Dreaming, "The One That Got Away" is a ditty in dreamy reminiscences bemoaning a love lost.

I guess I never told you just how I felt; Wondering what it feels like to kiss those lips. Wondering what it feels like to touch softly those hips; Wish I could see you; I wonder if I am missed. 

Apparently, whenever Croucher isn’t focusing on his solo work, he also plays drums with Millionyoung (Mike Diaz) on tour.  So, added onto tonight’s download is a synth-dance rendition to Croucher’s hazey creation.   

Download: The One That Got Away.mp3

Download: The One That Got Away (Millionyoung Remix).mp3

As additional gratification, for a paltry $5.00 fee, purchase Croucher’s solo release Closer to Me @ Glowmobile Recording Co.: Here.

- ramos

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